The Greater Houston Partnership works to make Houston one of the best places to live, work and build a business.

Executive Partners

Executive Partners

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Amy Chronis



Bob Harvey

President and CEO



Houston: A Great Global City

The Greater Houston Partnership is the region’s premier business organization, representing more than 900 member companies that work together to achieve our mission of ensuring Houston’s place as a great global city.

Energy Transition
Potential Job Gains if Houston Acts Decisively on the Energy Transition
Organizations Supporting Houston the Energy Transition Initiative
Dollars Raised Thus Far to Support Strategy

Houston Next

Advancing Houston as a great global city.

Houston Next

Houston Next empowers the region’s business leaders, through the Greater Houston Partnership, to accelerate Houston’s progress across these areas of impact to ensure Houston continues to advance as a great global city.

Strong, Diverse Economy

Great Quality of Life

Opportunity for All

Racial Equity

Houston Next

Strong, Diverse Economy

Economic Development Project Wins
Largest Concentration of Fortune 500 Companies
International Delegation Visits
Houston Next

Great Quality of Life

Houston's Position Among Major U.S. Cities in Global Livability Survey
Business Leaders Participated in Virtual Washington D.C. Fly-In
Public Officials Participated in Partnership Events
Houston Next

Opportunity for All

Companies Engaged in Workforce Development Initiatives
Dollar Increase in State Funding for Public Schools
Houston Next

Racial Equity

Companies Participated in Regional Equity & Inclusion Assessment
Companies Committed to Racial Equity Principles
Roundtables Focused on Talent Representation/Advancement and Supplier Diversity
Member Companies
County Region
Business Leaders Attended Major Events & Webinars

Combined Statements of Financial Position

As of December 31, 2021 and 2020


Combined Statements of Activities and Changes in Net Assets

Years Ended December 31, 2021 and 2020


Board and Committees

Board of Directors

Committee Leadership

Executive Staff

President & CEO
Bob Harvey

Senior Vice President, Workforce Development
Peter Beard

Senior Vice President & Chief Economic Development Officer
Susan Davenport

Senior Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
LaTanya Flix

Senior Vice President, Research
Patrick Jankowski

Senior Vice President & Chief Policy Officer
Taylor Landin

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Clint Pasche

Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
Jenny Philip

Senior Vice President, Member Engagement & Chief Development Officer
Katie Pryor

Senior Vice President, Finance and Accounting & CFO
Gerrie Richards

Vice President, Events & Programs
Cari Broderson

Vice President, International Investment & Trade
John Cypher

Vice President, Public Policy
Chase Kronzer

Vice President, Human Resources
Maurisa Lenz

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Ben Melson

Vice President, Marketing & Communications
A.J. Mistretta

Vice President, Advocacy & Policy
Lindsay Munoz 

Vice President, Member Acquisition & Engagement
Nichelle Poindexter

Vice President, Regional Economic Development
Craig Rhodes

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